We offer rare antique fonts and a high quality wood type image sets. We have free sample fonts and images available for download. Our fonts and images can be used for a variety of creative uses such as logo design, web design, print design, app design or poster design. 


Antique Font Collection

This historic hand crafted collection include 112 .otf antique opentype fonts available for instant download.  

Book Ornament Collection

Included are 300+ vectors of ornaments, drop-caps, borders, and decorations for use on a variey of deisgn projects. 


Wood Type Collection

This image collection includes six wood type fonts, one metal font, wood furniture, metal furniture and borders.

We love fonts and letterpress. We strive to bring the wonderful beauty of fonts and wood type images to you. We operate a small letterpress studio in Birmingham Alabama. All of the type featured on this site is hand crafted. Letterpress and particularly wood type is becoming quite rare. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to explore the beauty of letterpress with our Wood Type Image Collection.