Antique Font Collection

Each font is original and hand crafted from rare books printed in the 1800's. This is an amazing collection. $39 for all 112 rare antique fonts.

This collection include 112 .otf antique opentype fonts available for instant digital download (.zip  file - 2.8 meg for 112 .otf files). Opentype are the industry standard and they are compatible with both Mac and PC computers. 




Antique Font Collection Preview

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16th century from italian ms.otf
13th century henry 3rd.otf
small italian.otf
12th century british museum2.otf
large relief.otf
1480 british museum.otf
rustic 2.otf
italian large and small.otf
ornamental letters.otf
egyptian 2.otf
german arabesque small.otf
16th century gothic 2.otf
15th and 16th centuries german.otf
17th century ms.otf
16th century albert durers PB2.otf
german riband small.otf
Henry 7th westminster abbey.otf
example alphabet.otf
14th century british museum2.otf
10th century british museum.otf
egyptian shaded.otf
roman analytical large.otf
14th century.otf
14th and 15th centuries british museum hollow.otf
old english.otf
italic 2.otf
8th and 9th centuries anglo saxon.otf
velvet letter.otf
engrossing solid.otf
roman shaded various.otf
perspective italic.otf
16th century gothic.otf
perspective italian.otf
16th century from wood engravings.otf
antique egyptian light.otf
12th century bodleian library.otf
roman analytical small.otf
egyptian for carving.otf
16th century french ms.otf
14th and 15th centuries british museum solid.otf
1475 british museum.otf
14th century MS Munich.otf
14th century richard the second.otf
full block letters and numerals.otf
pearl letter.otf
metal ornamental.otf
small relief.otf
old english analytical small.otf
engrossing and court hand1.otf
13th century latin MS.otf
17th century church text.otf
12th century british museum0.otf
14th century british museum.otf
half block letters and numerals.otf
old english analytical large.otf
11th century.otf
16th century gothic ms.otf
16th century henry the 8th.otf
12th century british museum1.otf
engrossing hollow.otf
9th century anglo saxon.otf
ornamental riband small.otf
8th century vatican.otf
14th century richard second2.otf
13th century MS.otf
15th century.otf
shippers box marking.otf
gothic small.otf
gothic large.otf
16th century albert durers PB.otf
15-16th centuries german s.otf
french roman light.otf
german arabesque 2.otf


This hand crafted historic collection include 112 .otf antique opentype fonts available for instant digital download (.zip  file - 2.8 meg for 112 .otf files) for $29. Opentype fonts are compatible with both Mac and PC computers. If you have any questions please contact us.

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